Hello all,

Finally got this started, not because I think I am particularly interesting but as a place to track ideas and allow folk who want to to find out what I am up to and excited by.

Probably the most useful part of the site for others will be my plan for a self study Computer Science course over the next few years, using MIT OCW and the video lectures at Berkley, alongside other books and course pages from around the world.

I love Free and Open Source software, but am more pragmatic than some (ie I will use proprietary software for work or at home if the need arises. It is a credit to the community that the need has not arisen for me at home, but my girlfriend is too busy to get to grips with a new OS while she is at university and perhaps I should allow her the freedom to choose for herself)

On the tech front I am recently excited by Solaris (particularly ZFS), Virtualisation and Asterisk. I want to put some time into getting to be a better programmer (Python is my language of choice, but again I am far from a zealot) and getting my CCNP under my belt.

Personally I am interested in Linguistics, Philosophy, Archaeology, Psychology, Mathematics, and am recently in the thrall of economists (at the cost of simplistic answers to big problems)

For fun: I read a lot, enjoy theatre (but dont go enough), real ale, hiking, travel, listening to music and I take great pleasure in being a geek (but not a nerd).

That’s all for now, I am going to settle on a theme, install some plugins to recommend books and highlight code etc over the next few days.