Oxfam Unwrapped

Oxfam Unwrapped, it sounds like a site exposing the real harm done by Oxfam or something. It is actually a great idea, giving people a little card to show you donated an amount of money to Oxfam rather than spend a few quid on something they may not even like. Also there is nothing like a bit of conspicuous giving to alleviate guilt. It hits the emotions too, I bought part of a school in Africa apparently (I suppose because “£5 could buy part of a school” does not sound as good). I wonder if anyone really thinks that the money they spend does end up where it says on the card, half of oxfams money would go in the infrastructure to support the tracking and allocation of it all.

I went 50/50 for my £10 secret santa gift, getting some Fair Trade chocolate to wrap up alongside the card.