Hiatus, Departure, Return

It’s been ages since I blogged as I have been mad busy in work though a lot has happened recently.

I have:

  • Left thebigword

  • Packed up my house

  • Sold/Gave away most of my possessions (keeping only books and my PC, as my friend Ben said “proves you are principally concerned with knowledge”)

  • Left Leeds

  • Gone to India

  • Returned (earlier than planned but refreshed and excited about the future)

  • Set up a limited company to go contracting

  • Started plotting a move to London

  • Begun making big lifestyle changes - drinking less, eating better and training for the Paris Marathon, a triathlon and a return to India for some Hardcore Mountaineering next year

All is well in TomLand, expect more posts now I’m not so sillybusy!