Getting VMware Certified Professional (VCP) on vSphere 4

On Saturday I took and passed the VCP410 exam to get VCP4.

It was not really that hard, though I have been reading about vSphere since before it shipped, follow loads of blogs on VMware, installed it as soon as it came into beta and migrated my companies clusters to it relatively early. I would say if you have VCP3 and have used vSphere you should be OK.

The frustrating thing about the exam was the questions on the config max document, in my view if you are approaching the maximums you could just look it up and memorisation is a pointless exercise. A lot of the maximums are just decisions someone in vmware made, how many NFS stores by default ? (8), max? (64). What it the tree-depth per resource pool? (12… unless you use DRS, then it’s 10). This kind of memorisation is stupid, pointless, hoop-jumping and will be the difference between passing and failing for lots of people.

The exam (like most IT certs) is multiple choice so the questions are fairly mundane and of course there is only 1 correct answer. When interviewing candidates, I always prefer questions that start “what is your” rather than “what is” as anything that is so unsubtle as to only have one answer is probably too uninteresting to spend time discussing.

I did do a nights worth of revision however, using:

Also worth considering are

You may like to see the things I have added to delicious on vmware over the last few years.

Good luck if you take it too!