Day 200 of the 101 Goals in 1001 days

Well, as per my meta-goal 101 – Do 100 day updates, here is the Day 200 update.

Not much movement really….

The Good:- 66 – Via Ferrata in Italy I go on Friday, cant wait.

82 – Visit Egypt I go in October for 2 weeks, 1 week cruise - 1 week sun and as much archaeology as I can get!

94 – Go to Edinburgh festival Will fly over for a weekend in Aug, let me know if you are interested in joining

28 – Drive Offroad Going back to Dubai in December when it cools off, will be driving a mates Hummer in the desert.

75 – Watch SICP, do exercises from book Did half when visiting Germany from Den Haag a few weeks ago, mind bending but wonderful stuff.

72 – Read “Winning Ways Inspired by Martin Gardners death, I did half of the first book when I had some downtime in Manchester. First bit of new Maths in ages and it felt great. See Games of No Chance for more fun.

8 – Read all the VSIs Read Vikings, Human Prehistory, Memory, Archaeology, Evolution, maybe more - i need to get tactical and create a master list.

13 – Release 303 books on Tasked my long suffering mother with labeling them all, need to teach her how to register them then release them. Still need to sort out the Crossing Zone in Liverpool too.

48 – Create a backblaze storage pod They are getting made soon, due on the 28th

The Bad:- 5 – Lose 2 stone Got half way Jan/Feb, might have taken a step back living away again… Correctable though!

19 – Blog on average once a week Way off, need to blog furiously to catch up.

The Almost Had:- 22 – Spend 3 months in another country Spent two in Holland (Den Haag / The Hague) working for ING.