Hyper9 Saves The Day

We recently bought the Hyper9 capacity planning, reporting and monitoring solution for our VMware infrastructure and I quite soon made use of it to troubleshoot some problems reported to us like backups taking longer and databases being slower than normal.

In the 3par storage I could see that IO was unusually high of late. 1 3par 300x282

Then I looked at the top-n datastores by IOPS and graphed them 2 datastores 300x190 A huge jump for sharedstorage8, so I looked at its VMs 3 vms 300x187 and found the culprit VM.

Here it is against our big “Superhero” database and the vCenter server with the DB. 4 vsvcenter 300x224 5 top3 300x233

A lot of IO from a machine the owner thought was doing nothing!

Hyper9 is a pretty good tool for reporting, alerting and troubleshooting your VMware infrastructure, the query language is lucene based and this gives you lots of options in creating custom views and alerts.