101 goals in 1001 days - Day 400 Update

Well, day 400 of my 101 goals in was Feb 5th and I was in the midst of moving house so delayed doing this.

Completed - 16

1, Teetotalitarianism for 3 months
2, Cheeseless for 3 months
9, Read [GEB](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G%C3%B6del,Escher,Bach)
11, Reread all [Dennett](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DanielDennett) books
15, Proofread for [Project Guttenburg](http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/MainPage)
48, [Create a Backblaze storage pod](http://ukblazers.com/2010/08/25/test-build-easier-than-i-thought/)
53, [Make Jam](http://www.thattommyhall.com/2010/04/15/making-lemon-curd/)
66, Via Feratta in Italy
78, Learn to use Emacs
I suppose you can never fully learn it but I do use it for my development now
82, [Visit Egypt](http://www.thattommyhall.com/2010/12/16/egypt-trip/)
83, Re-visit Louvre
85, Visit Pergamon Museum
86, Give Carrie a British Museum Tour
92, Read "[An Ode Less Travelled](http://www.amazon.co.uk/Ode-Less-Travelled-Unlocking-Within/dp/009179661X)", do the exercises (but not share them!)
Read it while in Egypt.
97, Be 1/3 through in 2010
100, Set success criteria / progression metrics for each goal

On Track - 16

5, Lose 2 stone
10, Write book reviews for each book I read
Where I havent yet I have added a task to rememberthemilk to do so
13, Release 303 books on bookcrossing.com
88 available [here](http://www.bookcrossing.com/mybookshelf/thattommyhall/available), let me know if you like any and I will post them to you.
19,Blog on average once a week
50, Move 10 people to FreeAgent
68, Complete Pimsleur German
Changed from Spanish as I now live with a lovely German lady.
72, Read "Winning Ways"
read 1/2 of part 1 (of 4)
74, Read AI: A Modern Approach
75, Watch SICP, do exercises from book
Started a book club in work, seems to have stalled but I'll start banging the drum again now I've settled in my new house.
76, Do on average 1 [Project Euler](http://projecteuler.net/index.php?section=about) problem per week
77, Complete "Real World Haskell"
88, Go to the theatre on average once a month
Way ahead on this, started a monthly theatre club but we managed to schedule a dozen things for the first few months of 2011
91, Memorise 10 poems
Not quite settled on the 10 but between listening to Jorge Louis Borges, This Craft Of Verse and The Ode Less Travelled I have quite a list to choose from.
95, Pay off all credit cards
96, Let loans run course and dont get any more
101, Do 100 day updates
This is one right ;-)

Behind - 4

8, Read all the VSIs
12, Read all PG Wodehouse
81, Watch all TTC Art history DVDs
90, See all world heritage sites in the UK

Changing - 5

Lots of the work related ones dont make sense any more now that I have gone full time and moved into development so I am making the following changes.

43, Visit the [rijksmuseum](http://www.rijksmuseum.nl/) (was Get CCNP)
44, Visit The [Uffizi](http://www.uffizi.com/) in Florence (was Get CCEE)
45, Give blood every 20 weeks (was Get MCITP - Enterprise Admin)
46, Listen to Radio 4 / British Museum - [A History of the World in 100 Objects](http://www.bbc.co.uk/ahistoryoftheworld/) and view each of them (was Get VCAP)
The above are all taken from a mate who just did his own 101 list.
47, Make a Munro bagging site in Rails (was Say to a recruiter "I dont work " and turn down work)

*Planning - 12 *

60, Hike on average once a month
61, Do a UK long distance path
67, Do another alpine 4000m peak
62, Do a big hike in Europe
64, Climb a continental highest mountain
33, Safari
20, Organise a big bash for my 30th
The fitness aspect of these goals is where I am behind the most (though I am still a stone lighter than when I started) so I am concentrating the next six months on these goals, ending with summiting kilimanjaro for my 30th then returning to a big party.
35, Visit 5 Michelin 3* restaurants
37, Visit porto
Will go with Petra in the spring
84, Revisit Met Museum
A good mate has just moved to NYC so this should happen as soon as he is settled.
89, Return to the Theatre by the lake
My first trip with Petra was to here and we loved it. Will be going in the spring.
94, Go to Edinburgh festival
Will go at the beginning of August.

Not Started - 48

3, Do a marathon
4, Do a triathlon
6, Attend martial arts classes for 3 months
7, Write an artice for Plus new writers
14, Read a short story for librivox
16, Send Dennett a letter
17, Send Dawkins a letter
18, Read Joyce
21, Read GTD
22, Spend 3 months in another country
23, Organise all my DVDs
24, Swim with sharks
25, Paraglide
26, Learn to play bongos
27, Skydive
28, Drive Offroad
29, Do a banger rally
30, Have a track day
31, Hire the whole of Salvos Salumeria for an evening
32, Bungee Jump
34, Vinyard tour
36, See Northern Lights
38, Take dad to an opera
39, Take Mum, Dad and Carrie to the Welsh Mountain Zoo
40, Do 1000 things in London
41, Do a standup comedy course
42, Visit Japan
49, Work only 100 days in a year
51, Investigate Visa situation for Australia
52, Investigate Visa situation for US
54, Grow mushrooms
55, Paint a water colour
56, Make beer
57, Make wine
58, Cook a 4 course meal for 20 friends
59, Do a photography course
63, Attend NIM
69, Learn to dance
70, Learn to play golf
71, Learn 10 magic tricks
73, Make a Dots and Boxes program
79, Raise £5005 for charity
80, Talk about Free Software at a school
87, Go on wine tasting course
93, Go to Melbourne Comedy Festival
99, Have a completion party
65, Volunteer  for the mountain bothys association
98, Have done 2/3 by day 666

I am quite heartened by the progress to be honest, considering that I spent half of last year working outside the UK, now things are settling down I should be able to churn through them faster.

If you want to join in on some, let me know!