SICP Distilled - Closing soon

Less than 2 days left!

Please check out my recent Kickstarter - SICP Distilled

Over 600 people have signed up now, I am really excited at the interest.

At first I figured that the course would be worth ~£45 and put up limited quantities building up to that amount. Very soon after the £20 price ran out someone commented it was a shame they missed out and I realised artificial scarcity is bullshit and unlimited all the rewards and invited people to pay less if they liked. A while after I put up a concession price for those less able to pay and again invited people to pay less (a friend commented on Facebook that I was a shit capitalist, a title I quite like).

I will be using some of the money raised to buy a camera and rent a room for a face to face course in London (tickets at reduced prices, venue/timings announced soon) which I’ll record and use to inform the screencasts and projects for the course. I will also be pulling in some friends to work with me on the interpreter and compiler parts, I have some really interesting ideas for ways to get the ideas across (hopefully including a minimal x86 or LLVM lisp compiler project)

Thanks to all that pledged to support the project, I have a massive obligation to make it as awesome as I can now and the resource to do it.

Thanks again, Tom

PS: Retweets and other sharing is really appreciated in these final few days.