101 Goals - Reboot

A few years ago I did a “101 Goals in 1001 Days” project and it was rather transformational (see here for a summary). I started a second list but for various reasons got sidetracked so I have decided to start over. Looking at the list I still wanted »

Forcing VGA output over Mini DisplayPort in Linux

For a long time adding multiple monitors to my laptop has JustWorked™ and have been a bit complacent about assuming that plugging into a random projector would be fine, but recently a VGA projector attached to the mini-display port was not detected (I »

SICP Distilled Now Public

I have made the SICP Distilled site public. It is now a year since the SICP Distilled Kickstarter was funded, I originally thought it would take 5 months to complete and had a slightly different vision for what it would look like, massive thanks to all »

Transducers in SICP

I was re-reading the first two chapters of SICP at the weekend as I am starting to prepare SICP Distilled and I was pleased to see: The value of expressing programs as sequence operations is that this helps us make program designs that are modular, »

SICP Distilled - Closing soon

Less than 2 days left! Please check out my recent Kickstarter - SICP Distilled Over 600 people have signed up now, I am really excited at the interest. At first I figured that the course would be worth ~£45 and put up limited quantities building »