Two Thumpers For Tommy?

After me banging on for a year about how cool ZFS is, my boss is finally convinced and wants to get a Thumper (or 2). Depending on budgetary constraints we may be getting a couple of these to implement a warm backup solution for our current data and about »

Arithmetic is a great bollocks detector

Go and read Pupils to get ‘new world’ trips from the beeb. You may think “trips abroad for kids, great” , if you are more cynical you may think “heads choose the kids, not sure I like that”. Let us do some arithmetic, 100 kids for 6 weeks each for »


As some of you may know I am unusually interested in filesystems. After sending John a link about HAMMER, a new FreeBSD clustered FS and joking about starting a tomFS project, his reply offered some help deciding on features it should have and marketing »

Geotaged Photos on Flickr, Macbeth

See the flickr map view or the album. I walked all over New York yesterday, went along the east side all the way to Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum. The place is amazing. Not quite as good as the British Museum in my view but still a great place »

Tommy In New York

Landed at 2.30pm yesterday, went straight to our Wall St office and got on with helping them move office. Went and got a bit drunk to help with jet-lag (Being bladdered and knackered in 2 time zones is better than one… or something) Got tickets today »

You Know You Are A Maths Geek When...

You are walking home late at night and two girls run past, one turns to the other and says “this is the millionth time I have ran today” and you cannot help but say “You would have to start and stop running 10 times a second, while you said that you would »