Microfinance and Peer Lending

No blog post for a week, perhaps I am not as self important or tenacious as I think I am. I have been meaning to read Muhammad Younus’s book “Banker to the Poor” for a while, I had not heard of him till he won the Nobel Peace Prize. He helped found the »

Second Python User Group meeting

I gave a talk at the second python user group in leeds on Wednesday. It was called “Anatomy Of A Python Program - How Much Can You Do In 0.1 KLOC?”. It is based on Peter Norvigs Sudoku solver. I had been thinking about doing it for WYLUG, possibly as »

Get Nexenta Now

I have blogged about Nexenta before, Solaris kernel with Ubuntu userland. It is great if you are familiar with Debian/Ubuntu and want to play with the features in the solaris kernel (DTrace and ZFS got me excited). I was complaining that the www.gnusolaris »


In the great tradition of minimising the barrior to only using free software the FSF have announced GNU PDF. This is a fully feartured PDF library for apps to view or create PDFs so you should see an Acrobat killer in your favourite distro sometime. »

RubyQuiz 148 - Postfix to Infix

I have been meaning for some time to tackle the RubyQuiz problems in Python. The one from yesterday (#148) is quite interesting, taking postfix notated expressions and returning an infix version. For example 2 3 5 + goes to 2 * (3 + 5) I spoilt »

Oxfam Unwrapped

Oxfam Unwrapped, it sounds like a site exposing the real harm done by Oxfam or something. It is actually a great idea, giving people a little card to show you donated an amount of money to Oxfam rather than spend a few quid on something they may not even »