One Laptop Per Child

If you have not seen it, go and checkout the OLPC project. Technologically it is superb: The screen is revolutionary, having two display modes (a 800x600 colour display mode and a 1200x900, 200DPI black and white mode that can be used in direct sunlight »

Tommys Project

I posted last time about TeXmacs and remembered the plugins for using it to display output from some of the superb free maths packages (which sometimes lack a nice display). The one I am excited about most is for SAGE. SAGE is written in python and leverages »

Font Goodness

While I am not all that particular about most things, poor fonts annoy me; particularly if most of the desktop is OK. The Linux (strictly speaking XFree86) font display was always either ugly or hard to get working. Ubuntu has sorted this out in the main »

Pointless Testing

Usually I am in favour of testing, when people say “weighing a cow does not make it any heavier” I reply that if you measure nothing, you will never see any improvements. Usually people can come up with cogent arguments against the particular things examined »

Bittorrent In Linux

Azureus is crap in Linux. That is to say neither the Ubuntu package or the download from the webpage worked for me straight away. Deluge on the other hand is working a treat though. It’s written for Gnome in C++ and Python so I may be able to get my »