101 Goals in 1001 Days

I have decided on a kind of hyper-resolution for the new year, 101 goals in 1001 days. I have a mindmap of the ones I have settled on so far and have started working on some of them already. To follow (allowing me to tick off some of the meta-goals) »

Can Google create community?

I have been meaning to blog for ages about a site I use called Goodreads. It is really excellent, I signed up ages ago and cant remember exactly how I found it but I think it might have been a Rails app. Anyway, it is a fairly simple idea, log what books »

Hiatus, Departure, Return

It’s been ages since I blogged as I have been mad busy in work though a lot has happened recently. I have: Left thebigword Packed up my house Sold/Gave away most of my possessions (keeping only books and my PC, as my friend Ben said “proves you are »

FusionIO ioDrive

Well, I got my hands on one of the fusion-io ioDrives a couple of weeks ago. unfortunately they do not work in the version of VMware ESX that we are using, though they are working on drivers for the 64bit ESX4. I did not have time to set up a physical »