Started using Octopress

Well, I have long been wanting to get away from Wordpress and begin to blog again a little more. I have decided to use Octopress, if it does not do what I need (like typeset maths etc), then hopefully I can fix it. I can write posts in Emacs and only »

Facebook Hacker Cup 2013

This year I did the Facebook Hacker Cup again. I didn’t do as well as last year, only getting to the first round and solving just one problem. It was interesting and fun though. I was in position 1952 of about 10,000 with 877 people solving more problems »

Sorry, command-not-found has crashed!

Whenever typed a command that didn’t exist on some of our servers I got the following: $ poop Sorry, command-not-found has crashed! Please file a bug report at Please include the following information »

Solving 4clojure problems offline in emacs

It annoys me when sometimes a solution to a 4clojure problem gets a bit long to type and test in the little edit box. As they say it is not an IDE, and doesn’t try to be, so I wrote a little app that fetches the problems down via the api and wraps the »

101 Goals In 1001 Days - Retrospective

Well, I guess this could be considered an early 2012 retrospective as this is my first blog post this year (so much for the goal of doing one a week, a goal I am not sure is actually all that worthy to be honest) Firstly, about the 101 goals in 1001 »