We are all DevOps

I gave a talk recently at the Forward Tech away day entitled We Are All DevOps and it went down quite well. Forward is an unusual environment, the devs are trusted to do lots of the typical sysadmin role and the boundary between Dev and Ops is very blurred »

101 goals in 1001 days - Day 400 Update

Well, day 400 of my 101 goals in was Feb 5th and I was in the midst of moving house so delayed doing this. Completed - 16 1, Teetotalitarianism for 3 months 2, Cheeseless for 3 months 9, Read [GEB](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G%C3%B6del,Escher,Bach »

Signals In Ruby / "rescue Exception" considered harmful

Yesterday we had an issue with the different behaviour of “kill ” and “kill -9 ” and in the process I had to refresh my knowledge of Unix signals, learn how you handle them in Ruby and properly learn Rubys exception hierarchy. To -9 or not to -9? The »

Ruby On Windows - Forking other processes

While moving our VM deployment site written in Sinatra to a Windows machine with the VMware PowerCLI toolkit installed the only snag was where we forked a process to do the preparation of the machines. Both Kernel.fork and Process.detach seemed to have »

Measuring Disk Usage In Linux (%iowait vs IOPS)

This occurred to me when looking at our Hadoop servers today, lots of our devs use IOWait as an indicator of IO performance but there are better measures. IOWait is a CPU metric, measuring the percent of time the CPU is idle, but waiting for an I/O to »