2010 Retrospective

Well, 2010 was a great year - thanks to all the great people who made it so. Just a brief outline: Work: Started the year down in Kent working on a XenApp deployment on VMware at the beginning of the year, then over in Dubai building a VMware View solution »

Donating To Wikipedia

I realised when auditing my delicious bookmarks recently how much I rely on Wikipedia to look things up and today donated for the first time. I had previously moaned about seeing Jimmy Wales’s face every time I logged in, like this and laughed my »

Load Based Nic Teaming vs Link Aggregation

I remembered seeing Simon Long’s comment on twitter a few weeks ago and it was rattling around in the back of my mind. Will #VMware Load-Based Teaming remove the need for #Cisco EtherChannel? Discuss…. I long ago investigated NIC Teaming algorithms »

Hyper9 Saves The Day

We recently bought the Hyper9 capacity planning, reporting and monitoring solution for our VMware infrastructure and I quite soon made use of it to troubleshoot some problems reported to us like backups taking longer and databases being slower than normal »

Visualising Tommy

Here are two Wordle visualisations, first the words used in my blog. I like reading obviously but it seems to be quite heavy on stuff from the single article I wrote on Rhipe - unusual words I suppose. The second is my del.icio.us tags, when is later »

Forward To Vegas

Well, I guess I need to say something about my company Christmas present to all of their ~150 staff, a three day trip to Vegas. We flew out last Thursday and stayed for 3 nights at the Wynn, which is a great hotel. Thursday: Arrive and sleep (forgive »