Microfinance and Peer Lending

No blog post for a week, perhaps I am not as self important or tenacious as I think I am. I have been meaning to read Muhammad Younus’s book “Banker to the Poor” for a while, I had not heard of him till he won the Nobel Peace Prize. He helped found the »

One Laptop Per Child

If you have not seen it, go and checkout the OLPC project. Technologically it is superb: The screen is revolutionary, having two display modes (a 800x600 colour display mode and a 1200x900, 200DPI black and white mode that can be used in direct sunlight »

Started My Pension

Pensions; Not exciting to most people, but you ignore them at your peril. I started mine this week as my work offered to match my contributions up to 3%of my salary. I was holding off untill I was out of debt, but their contribution means its daft »