Berlin Buzzwords

I have just returned from Berlin Buzzwords. It was a great conference and well organised so thanks to the organisers. As all the talks will be online soon I will just mention a few things that I enjoyed. The two keynotes were excellent, Doug Cutting »

Compressing Text Tables In Hive

At Forward we have been using Hive for a while and started out with the default table type (uncompressed text) and wanted to see if we could save some space and not lose too much performance. The wiki page HiveCompressedStorage lists the possibilities »

Using R on Hadoop with Rhipe

I spent a while this week getting Rhipe, a java package that integrates the R environment with Hadoop, to work. Forward are pretty heavy users of Hadoop and itโ€™s supporting ecosystem so R will be another way for the devs to interrogate the huge (and rapidly »