101 Goals Day 200 Update

This is my (month late) day 200 update of my second 101 Goals in 1001 days Completed 43 - Build a robot Did my raspirobot at the weekend at NodeBots of London. 59 - Finish 4clojure Finished the final few over Christmas. In Progress 41 - Reasoned »

101 Goals Day 100 Update

In the middle of the year I set myself another 101 Goals in 1001 days and added into my calender reminders to do updates every 100 days (this was due October 19th actually) Completed 4 - Read Beowulf I finally read all of Seamus Heaney’s translation »

Moving On From Forward

After 2.5 years at Forward I am moving on. The time there has been great, I worked with some of the smartest people I know on some interesting projects. Things that are now core to me I used for the first time there - Hadoop, Hive, HBase, Node.js, Puppet »

101 Goals In 1001 Days, Again

Some of you will remember my last 101 Goals In 1001 Days, it led to quite a lot of fun, gave me something to aim at over an extended period and completely transformed my fitness. People laughed when I said I would do a marathon and now I’ve done 2, I »

Started using Octopress

Well, I have long been wanting to get away from Wordpress and begin to blog again a little more. I have decided to use Octopress, if it does not do what I need (like typeset maths etc), then hopefully I can fix it. I can write posts in Emacs and only »

2010 Retrospective

Well, 2010 was a great year - thanks to all the great people who made it so. Just a brief outline: Work: Started the year down in Kent working on a XenApp deployment on VMware at the beginning of the year, then over in Dubai building a VMware View solution »