Forcing VGA output over Mini DisplayPort in Linux

For a long time adding multiple monitors to my laptop has JustWorked™ and have been a bit complacent about assuming that plugging into a random projector would be fine, but recently a VGA projector attached to the mini-display port was not detected (I »

Sorry, command-not-found has crashed!

Whenever typed a command that didn’t exist on some of our servers I got the following: $ poop Sorry, command-not-found has crashed! Please file a bug report at Please include the following information »

Measuring Disk Usage In Linux (%iowait vs IOPS)

This occurred to me when looking at our Hadoop servers today, lots of our devs use IOWait as an indicator of IO performance but there are better measures. IOWait is a CPU metric, measuring the percent of time the CPU is idle, but waiting for an I/O to »

Ubuntu is great. Ubuntu is Debian?

I have run Linux systems for about a decade, but not always as my main OS though. Whereas I used to enjoy the learning curve linux forced on you, at some point it was both more interesting and easier to use than windows. The selection of packages in Ubuntu »


In the great tradition of minimising the barrior to only using free software the FSF have announced GNU PDF. This is a fully feartured PDF library for apps to view or create PDFs so you should see an Acrobat killer in your favourite distro sometime. »

Font Goodness

While I am not all that particular about most things, poor fonts annoy me; particularly if most of the desktop is OK. The Linux (strictly speaking XFree86) font display was always either ugly or hard to get working. Ubuntu has sorted this out in the main »