Compressing Text Tables In Hive

At Forward we have been using Hive for a while and started out with the default table type (uncompressed text) and wanted to see if we could save some space and not lose too much performance. The wiki page HiveCompressedStorage lists the possibilities »

Signals In Ruby / "rescue Exception" considered harmful

Yesterday we had an issue with the different behaviour of “kill ” and “kill -9 ” and in the process I had to refresh my knowledge of Unix signals, learn how you handle them in Ruby and properly learn Rubys exception hierarchy. To -9 or not to -9? The »

Ruby On Windows - Forking other processes

While moving our VM deployment site written in Sinatra to a Windows machine with the VMware PowerCLI toolkit installed the only snag was where we forked a process to do the preparation of the machines. Both Kernel.fork and Process.detach seemed to have »