SICP Distilled Now Public

I have made the SICP Distilled site public. It is now a year since the SICP Distilled Kickstarter was funded, I originally thought it would take 5 months to complete and had a slightly different vision for what it would look like, massive thanks to all »

Transducers in SICP

I was re-reading the first two chapters of SICP at the weekend as I am starting to prepare SICP Distilled and I was pleased to see: The value of expressing programs as sequence operations is that this helps us make program designs that are modular, »

Finding Primes In SICP

I was reading SICP over lunch and found this lovely footnote on probabilistic methods for deciding if a number is prime. (it is #47) Numbers that fool the Fermat test are called Carmichael numbers, and little is known about them other than that they »