Ruby On Windows - Forking other processes

While moving our VM deployment site written in Sinatra to a Windows machine with the VMware PowerCLI toolkit installed the only snag was where we forked a process to do the preparation of the machines. Both Kernel.fork and Process.detach seemed to have »

Load Based Nic Teaming vs Link Aggregation

I remembered seeing Simon Long’s comment on twitter a few weeks ago and it was rattling around in the back of my mind. Will #VMware Load-Based Teaming remove the need for #Cisco EtherChannel? Discuss…. I long ago investigated NIC Teaming algorithms »

Hyper9 Saves The Day

We recently bought the Hyper9 capacity planning, reporting and monitoring solution for our VMware infrastructure and I quite soon made use of it to troubleshoot some problems reported to us like backups taking longer and databases being slower than normal »

Powershell Reporting Trick

Here is a little trick I keep re-using to output csv files of data from vCenter. [powershell]$reportArray = @() foreach($cluster in get-cluster){ foreach($vm in get-vm -Location $cluster){ foreach($ds in get-DataStore -VM ${ »

Playing with PowerShell

I use powershell all the time now to manage VMware, with the PowerCLI commandlets you can achieve a lot and it matches Alan Kay’s motto Simple things should be simple, complex things should be possible. The simple: I want to go and set all the LUNs »