I have recently returned from Edinburgh, I caught the tail end of the Fringe festival. It was a good trip, and the first time I have had more than a day off work since February. I saw quite a few acts in the final 3 day.It’s been ages since I blogged and I’m out of the habit so I’ll just post loads of vids.

Glen Wool. A bloody funny Canadian, saw him do edinburgh preview in the Oak in Headingly so had seen most of the show but he was funny anyway

Nina Conti. I thought she was really funny, but finding some videos on youtube made me think perhaps she has not varied her act very much over the last few years.

Ed Burns. Funny, I liked him since I say his “Ironic” routine a while ago.

Sammy J and the Forest of Dreams, puppets that swear are fucking funny apparantly

And missed out on:

Tim Minchin

Jon Richardson

Reginald D Hunter, though he is here in December.

Tim Vine