101 Goals - 100 Day Update

It’s a bit late but I have just gone through and numbered my 101 goals in 1001 days. As per meta-goal 101, here are success criteria for each.

Health 1 - Teetotalitarianism for 3 months Don’t drink for 3 months COMPLETED (Jan, Feb, March - cheated a bit and drank while out of the country. They are my goals though so my rules ;-) )

2 - Cheeseless for 3 month No cheese for 3 months COMPLETED (Jan, Feb, March)

3 - Do a marathon

4 - Do a triathlon

5 - Lose 2 stone In progress, lost 1st during teetotalitarianism

6 - Attend martial arts classes for 3 months

Literature 7 - Write an artice for Plus new writers

8 - Read all the VSIs A wonderful series from Oxford University Press, introductions to many different topics. There are ~200 so I need to read one every five days or so, I am a bit behind at the moment

9 - Read Godel Escher Bach I’ve started it 3 times but never got to the end, read I am a strange loop recently and made me want to return to this intellectual tour de force and finish it..

10 - Write book reviews for each book I read Up to date so far.

11 - Reread all Dennett books “all” = the trilogy of Darwins Dangerous Idea, Conciousness Explained and Freedom Evolves Just finished Freedom Evolves, reviewed DDI here.

12 - Read all PG Wodehouse There are ~100, so need to do 1 every 10 days or so, a bit behind at the moment.

13 - Release 303 books on bookcrossing.com Started, may also have started a crossing zone in Liverpool

14 - Read a short story for librivox

15 - Proofread for Project Guttenburg COMPLETED

16 - Send Dan Dennett a letter 17 - Send Richard Dawkins a letter Both among my favourite authors and really shaped my view on the world. I want to write them a letter of thanks.

18 - Read epic literature Not decided on the exact list yet.

*Personal * 19 - Blog on average once a week On track

20 - Organise a big bash for my 30th Going to be called TomFest, should be a good buzz.

21 - Read GTD Need to get organised at some point, maybe this will help

22 - Spend 3 months in another country

23 - Organise all my DVDs

Jolly 24 - Swim with sharks

25 - Paraglide

26 - Scuba

27 - Skydive

28 - Drive Offroad

29 - Do a banger rally Something like this

30 - Have a track day

31 - Hire the whole of Salvos Salumeria for an evening

32 - Bungee Jump

33 - Safari

34 - Vinyard tour

35 - Visit 5 Michelin 3* restaurants

36 - See Northern Lights

37 - Visit porto

38 - Take dad to an opera

39 - Take Mum, Dad and Carrie to the Welsh Mountain Zoo

40 - Do 1000 things in London This may get dropped but I want to program all the items in the 1000 things to do in London book into a scheduling program and try and do them in as little time as possible (will need a fair bit of cash but I recon it would be a great adventure). Ill publish the itinery online and my location in realtime and give myself over to the route finding algorithm for as long as it takes.

41 - Do a standup comedy course

42 - Visit Japan

Work 43 - Get CCEE

44 - Get CCNP

45 - Get MCITP - Enterprise Admin

46 - Get VCDX

47 - Say to a recruiter “I dont work MonthName” and turn down work Nearly did this in March but did a week in Dubai.

48 - Create a Backblaze storage pod Work progressing nicely at UKblazers

49 - Work only 100 days in a year Ambitious but worth a try, fits well with the goal of staying in another country for 3 months.

50 - Move 10 people to FreeAgent My accountancy software, really good. Got 3 people on their at the moment.

51 - Investigate Visa situation for Australia 52 - Investigate Visa situation for US Would be nice to work in Aus or the US, need to see what the situation is like for contractors from the UK.

Crafty 53 - Make Jam COMPLETED (well I did Lemon Curd)

54 - Grow mushrooms

55 - Paint a water colour

56 - Make beer

57 - Make wine

58 - Cook a 4 course meal for 20 friends

59 - Do a photography course

Outdoors 60 - Hike on average once a month Behind as I twisted my ankle in the Czech Republic, have trips planned for may, june, july

61 - Do a UK long distance path

62 - Do a big hike in Europe

63 - Attend Nehru Institute of Mountaineering This is the course I had to retreat from last year as I was not fit enough.

64 - Climb a continental highest mountain Prob means Aconcagua or Kilimanjaro

65 - Volunteer for the Mountain Bothies Association Great society maintaining free shelters in Scotland

66 - Via Ferratain Italy Went last year but want to go again.

67 - Do another alpine 4000m peak Did Allalinhorn a few years ago. I think I have it in me to do another.

Learning 68 - Complete Pimsleur Spanish Was going to put “Learn Spanish” but wanted it to be less vague. There are 90 parts and I’m at 15 now.

69 - Learn to dance Hehe. Not sure what style I’m going to attempt to learn, fairly sure I’ll never be great at it but it might be fun to try.

70 - Learn to play golf

71 - Learn 10 magic tricks

72 - Read “Winning Ways” A wonderful book on Game Theory in 4 volumes.

Programming 73 - Make a Dots and Boxes program A university friend made a program to play the game and won a computer Olympiad with it, I’d like to get something together myself

74 - Read AI: A Modern Approach 3rd Edition of the leading AI text.

75 - Watch SICP, do exercises from book Famous course, until very recently MITs into to programming, uses the scheme dialect of LISP

76 - Do on average 1 Project Euler problem per week I am behind with this but should be able to catch up.

77 - Complete “Real World Haskell

78 - Learn to use Emacs

Charity 79 - Raise £5005 for charity

80 - Talk about Free Software at a school

Culture 81 - Watch all TTC Art history DVDs 11 of them, easily done.

82 - Visit Egypt

83 - Revisit Louvre

84 - Revisit Met Museum in New York

85 - Visit Pergamon Museum in Berlin I am really excited about the Ishtar Gate

86 - Give Carrie a British Museum Tour COMPLETED

87 - Go on wine tasting course

88 - Go to the theatre on average once a month Well and truely on track, watching 2 things this week alone.

89 - See a whole run at the theatre by the lake

90 - See all world heritage sites in the UK There are 28, so about 1 per month.

91 - Memorise 10 poems Ive not selected the 10 yet but will probably include: * On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer * Jabberwocky * She Walks in Beauty * Inclusiveness * Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening * If I Told Him: A Completed Portrait of Picasso * The Raven * The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

92 - Read “The Ode Less Travelled”, do the exercises (but not share them!) A fun intro to poetry that does not hide the jargon, I blogged about it a while a go but got distracted and never finished the book or did the exercises. I promise not to share any of the poems I write!

93 - Go to Melbourne Comedy Festival

94 - Go to Edinburgh festival

Wealth 95 - Pay off all credit cards On track to be debt free at day 1001

96 - Let loans run course and dont get any more Done

Metagoals 97 - Be 1/3 through in 2010 A bit behind.

98 - Have done 2/3 by day 666

99 - Have a completion party

100 - Set success criteria / progression metrics for each goal COMPLETED

101 - Do 100 day updates This is the first!