Making Lemon Curd

I was just over at a good friends in Leeds and mentioned my 101 goals and needing to tick some off and if he could help me make some jam sometime.

We got straight down to making lemon curd (not a jam, but my goals - my rules) and it was seriously yummer, recipe below.

Lemon Curd

_4 medium-sized lemons 100g (4oz) butter 1/2kg (1lb) sugar 4 beaten eggs _

  • Scrub Lemons, grate rinds, squeeze out juice

  • Place juice and rind in double saucepan over low heat and slowly add sugar and butter.

  • Cook, stirring, until all the butter and sugar melt

  • Add eggs and cook, stirring, untill the curd is thick enough to coat a spoon.

  • Pour into small jars and seal with waxed disks or paraffin wax.

  • Cover and store in cupboard for one month, fridge for 3 months, freezer for 9 months.