Off To Egypt

I am off to Egypt for 2 weeks, a one week Nile cruise with Voyages Joules Verne starting at Luxor and working down to the Aswan High Dam via The Valley Of The Kings and ending in the Moevenpick Hotel in El Gouna. No Cairo, Pyramids or the Cairo Museum this trip, another time though.

Im particularly excited about Abu Simbel,, The Red Chapel of Hatshepsut, Temple of Amenhotep III among tons of others.

Also I am very much looking forward to No Phone and No Computers for the whole trip, the longest I will have been without either for for a good few years. I am taking the chance to catch up on some reading and take a break, I will have my Kindle with loads of books on it but am taking The Dots-and-boxes Game: Sophisticated Child’s Play (one of my 101 goals is to make a dots and boxes program), Gödel, Escher, Bach (another 101, started 3 times and never finished and it has intrigued me since my first year in university) and Winning Ways for your Mathematical Plays. Pen'n'paper geekery for the win!