Forward To Vegas

Well, I guess I need to say something about my company Christmas present to all of their ~150 staff, a three day trip to Vegas.

We flew out last Thursday and stayed for 3 nights at the Wynn, which is a great hotel. Vegas2010-46.JPG

Thursday: Arrive and sleep (forgive me I only just got back from Egypt after flying to Manchester instead of London and having to sit all night on a freezing cold coach!).

Friday: Flew in a helicopter into the Grand Canyon which was rather awesome. Vegas2010-12.JPG Vegas2010-29.JPG

Sat: Went to see Zumanity by Cirque du Soleil, it was amazing, I must see them again. Zumanity 1

Sunday: A few of us went shooting, An M16 Vegas2010-61.JPG

An H&K; MP5 Vegas2010-59.JPG

A Mac-10 Vegas2010-66.JPG not firing it gangster style unfortunately.

A Tommygun Vegas2010-62.JPG

A Desert Eagle

And I did a Shotgun

And I’ve got the T-shirt to prove it Vegas2010-69.JPG Peace Through Superior Firepower indeed

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