SICP Distilled Now Public

I have made the SICP Distilled site public. It is now a year since the SICP Distilled Kickstarter was funded, I originally thought it would take 5 months to complete and had a slightly different vision for what it would look like, massive thanks to all »

Transducers in SICP

I was re-reading the first two chapters of SICP at the weekend as I am starting to prepare SICP Distilled and I was pleased to see: The value of expressing programs as sequence operations is that this helps us make program designs that are modular, »

SICP Distilled - Closing soon

Less than 2 days left! Please check out my recent Kickstarter - SICP Distilled Over 600 people have signed up now, I am really excited at the interest. At first I figured that the course would be worth ~£45 and put up limited quantities building »

SICP Distilled

I launched a Kickstarter project yesterday to do an idiosyncratic tour of the best of Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs in Clojure Please sign up if you are interested (below is copied from Kickstarter) SICP? It is a great introduction »

Hackercup 2014 - Qualifier

I had some fun doing it last year so I thought I would have a go again. This weekend was the qualifier. You can see the questions here Square Detector You want to write an image detection system that is able to recognise different geometric shapes. In »