101 Goals in 1001 Days

I have decided on a kind of hyper-resolution for the new year, 101 goals in 1001 days. I have a mindmap of the ones I have settled on so far and have started working on some of them already. To follow (allowing me to tick off some of the meta-goals) »

Can Google create community?

I have been meaning to blog for ages about a site I use called Goodreads. It is really excellent, I signed up ages ago and cant remember exactly how I found it but I think it might have been a Rails app. Anyway, it is a fairly simple idea, log what books »

Hiatus, Departure, Return

It’s been ages since I blogged as I have been mad busy in work though a lot has happened recently. I have: Left thebigword Packed up my house Sold/Gave away most of my possessions (keeping only books and my PC, as my friend Ben said “proves you are »

Christmassy Shizzle

Last weekend I went down to London again for a Christmas jolly with some great old uni friends, it was a lovely weekend, good wholesome fun. On the Saturday I went to see the Wallace Collection while some girlies shopped on Kensington Highstreet (where »

Byzantium at the Royal Academy of Arts

I was in London a few weeks ago and saw the wonderful exhibit at the Royal Academy of Arts. I have been interested in Byzantine history since a historian friend at university described how they were essentially the eastern Roman empire, called themselves »

BodyWorlds In Manchester

I went a few weeks ago to see BodyWorlds at the Museum of Science and Industry (mosi) in Manchester. I have only just had chance to get the pics off my phone and am amazed at how well they came out. All one body, look at the shared foot. This was »