Building A Backblaze Storage Pod

A while ago I saw the Backblaze storage pod and was impressed. Like many others I thought: I want one Wouldn’t it work great with ZFS The hardware sucks Building one I used to make and sell storage servers using Linux a while ago with media streaming »

Databases and Lustre on ZFS's DMU, New CIFS Stuff

When I first heard about ZFS and its features, I was intrigued by a comment by Bill More about the possibility of having a database or other app directly consume the DMU that ZFS uses for filesystems or volumes. After I did a spot of research when editing »

Two Thumpers For Tommy?

After me banging on for a year about how cool ZFS is, my boss is finally convinced and wants to get a Thumper (or 2). Depending on budgetary constraints we may be getting a couple of these to implement a warm backup solution for our current data and about »