2010 Retrospective

Well, 2010 was a great year - thanks to all the great people who made it so.

Just a brief outline:

Work: Started the year down in Kent working on a XenApp deployment on VMware at the beginning of the year, then over in Dubai building a VMware View solution, went to Libya and built the corporate infrastructure for their biggest telco, spent 2 months working on INGs next gen datacentre in the Hague and ended in London for Forward working on merging USwitch’s infrastructure after the acquisition. While this was fun, I got fatigued with traveling and living out of a suitcase and was very happy to settle down a bit in London (which I think is the greatest city in the world) and work for a great company which I am very pleased and proud to say I have joined permanently. It is exciting to work somewhere using so much great tech and with so many sound people (with huge brains).

Jollys: I managed to go to Russia, visiting Moscow and St Petersburg (OK, that was Dec 2009 but what the hell), the Czech Republic, Italy, go to Oklahoma for a friends wedding followed by a visit to two ancestral puebloan sites, Berlin, Paris, Vegas and Egypt. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to have done all this and am still a bit amazed at just how much happened.

Life: I have always thought their was an embarrassment of riches when I look at the great people I get to call my friends, I don’t get to see any of them enough and no amount is too much. Thanks to you all, I always say you are what makes the universe great for me, you conspire to make it so even though you don’t all know one another. The biggest change this year was finding someone patient enough to pair up with me full time, thanks Petra - I love you. We are moving in together soon and I look forward to having a permanent home in the greatest city in the world, with a spare room - please come visit!. Thanks to my family too, we had some bad news in 2010 but you all dealt with it with the usual aplomb, you are all ace.

Resolutions: There is no new resolutions for 2010, I will be reporting on the 101 goals in 1001 days soon.

2011: Looks set to be the best year ever, thanks in advance for helping make it so