Evolving Cellular Automata

This post is about evolving Cellular Automata to perform computation. The example I use is from the book Complexity - A Guided Tour The most famous cellular automata is Conwayโ€™s Game of Life, a 2D automaton with simple rules to determine whether each »

Typesetting Maths, Pretty Syntax Highlighting

So, the Wordpress import went OK - using exitwp. It was not perfect, but I fixed up the problems in the top 10 posts in analytics (annoyingly most of my traffic goes to this old post about measuring IOPS in Linux) Some of my posts had used $\LaTeX$ to »

Started using Octopress

Well, I have long been wanting to get away from Wordpress and begin to blog again a little more. I have decided to use Octopress, if it does not do what I need (like typeset maths etc), then hopefully I can fix it. I can write posts in Emacs and only »